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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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banfield surgery and it continues to grip bureau professor grayson as the spending cuts turns violent as protesters clashed with police in madrid. syria any wrong top of the debate at the scales u.n. general assembly with russia calling for an end to countries sidestepping the un that's israel rolls up the prospects for. julian assange addressing the world leaders at the u.n. and tearing into washington for silencing whistleblowers speaking through an argentine sponsored video link from back with those embassy in london when i'm still holed up.
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at seven am here in moscow you're live with us on r t for the weekly protests against spending cuts continue throughout europe as people vent their fury of a bailout sponsored austerity mass demonstrations in madrid train violence last week that's up to the parliament posted fifty all staring to budgets in a row police fired rubber bullets to control the end with demonstrators leaving more than sixty injured dozens more were detained arjun's jacob reeves has been following developments so we saw in the briefly explain her personal boarding a bunch of stairs to protest in the euro zone first time passes their frustrations i'm going to go only seem to be hardening for the lessening of charges of a crowd of hours this week and a politician are now i'm a particular settler as many people feel they are being fed this direct police
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officers in our court our officers are proved. protesters and battered buildings are becoming the euro zone's currency from athens to madrid capitals this week have been braced for an onslaught of the angry and indignant. boss to get out all the belligerence on the rez here charge marchers job benefit us there just benefit very few people. on the european union on the banks these are attitudes of betrayal the first force that increase. the eight. more and that is the agreements between greece and it's no interest in this state. and the other european leaders just implemented. last athens saw firebombs a mass spaniards claim they were victims of police brutality chasing down
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protesters they fired rubber bullets into crowds the injury count from just one night topping sixty this will last as long as austerity law says as neoliberal austerity was and as long as. it's going to last as long as it needs to last until people's daily needs are met the m.t.s. territories rank and file have most recently been posted by portuguese protesters a nation known for its tolerance of bailout sponsored cutbacks reforms that put the onus of social security payments on workers appear a step too far but this week's hot spot remains madrid where three demonstrations oppose real resistance to the government's public sector cutbacks he the surround congress movement has called for the dissolution of parliament but the heavy claims made to the group more harm than good cause alone in separatism with the potential
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for spain to lose twenty percent. until this current output more likely because then the government yet more sleepless nights but prime minister a new budget shows no concessions to ante or stereotype protesters with forty billion euros a fresh cuts economists and activists alike have labeled the move as pandering to e.u. euro zone and i.m.f. demands adding fuel to the fire as people populate his central madrid and sas day to hurl accusations at police and the politicians they share old jew greece party madrid. in paris says of thousands of protesters took to the streets on sunday to demonstrate against the adoption of a european fiscal pact and for the economy it's thirteen the french parliament is due to debate president all lands proposed budget this week maria for national is in paris for us. dozens of french and gerry's and trade unionists have taken to the streets of paris today to manifest against a document known as
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a fiscal pact it was prepared earlier this march by e.u. leaders including the president of france nicolas sarkozy and and german chancellor angela merkel and and forces strick to much much tougher. financial and fiscal discipline from the u. members and it requires them to slash the public deficit oh to be punished to be fined if they streety is ratified that means france will have to will be obliged to reduce its budget by thirty billion euros and dramatically just huge sum of money and of course it will affect life in france dramatically life for ordinary people i mean this budget document says it was already it's been reviewed recently and it says that it proposes to save thirty billion euros by cuts in public spending and by increasing taxes and of course this is something it's not going to
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help economy growth but instead may lead to stagnation this is what people of calm here today are protesting against and they're calling for the opposite they say the country's economy right now needs most candid and loyal tax says. we don't want. because europe wants to pressure us to stop our country from investing in public sectors like education with this we are protesting against the sterett in europe and everybody knows better sterrett who leads to recession will have from the cities we are against the imposition of the austerity plan will be very difficult for us of course we don't want that picture taken on the crisis is in golf in europe these days and austerity measures have led to a national wide protest in many countries and the protesters have. in question with police to dramatic events have been taking place also wrote europe and many here
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today fear that france could be the next country to face this reality was dramatic reality and they say they've come here to protest to every these negative consequences and not to repeat the big mistakes of other e.u. members reflection our team paris france. while european countries are seek ways to cut their expenses and india is pumping more money into spain's program plunging larger sex lives and climbing ambitious projects on our way i'm. glad the cities that made the pitch and won these are now the final list of venues for the twenty eight team football world cup in russia read all about the big spending on big stadiums and our team doctor. in syria a new wave of fine things have been reported in the second city of aleppo which is
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said to be seeing i'm president of clashes government forces claimed a beating back the rebel onslaught but the insurgents are talking only of a successful offensive casualties are mounting in the battle that began in july with neither side being able to these initiatives so far while in the suburbs of damascus dozens of also reportedly be building firefights over the weekend the u.s. has pledged more than forty million dollars in financial support to the rebels as russia warns that this will only lead syria deeper into turmoil the country supposedly sizable chemical weapons stockpiles of also come into focus with opposition fighters apparently are in the political analysts paul are a phony says the western policy on syria could put those arms increasingly a driskell of capture. eventually if the storage is really exist it is possible that the extremist islamic groups. because we have different groups operating.
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as extreme islamist groups in syria may get hold of these stories the problem is that this will happen to them or the assad regime will be weakened so. you really don't understand your duty most city that is in the west by one side trying to get rid of assad without a good placement for him on the other side being afraid that these groups would take all. of these kinds of weapons so it's sort of nonsense. to do this we are witnessing. syria and iran have been that the center of heated debate at the end of all u.n. general assembly is russia calling for an end to some countries sidestepping the international body does israel try to draw up quite literally a case for intervention arena but now i have reports from new york. as
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world leaders gathered for the annual u.n. general assembly international anger over and islamophobia american film was still pleasing in the muslim world addressing the world body u.s. president barack obama condemned the video nonetheless defending the right to free speech as president of our country and commander in chief of our military i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so obama also pledged his support for arab spring nations like egypt and libya however when egypt's new president spoke at the un for the first time mohamed morsi said free speech will not be accepted as a free pass to insult islam holy prophet. the obscenities recently released as part of an organized campaign against islamic sentences is unacceptable and requires a firm stand egypt respects freedom of expression one that is not directed towards
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one specific religion or culture but the opening of the u.n. general assembly is usually criticized as political theater with a lot of talk this year however there was no talking with us president barack obama the leader of the country hosting the un left immediately after his speech on day one and held no bilateral meetings on day to the eighth and final speech of the always controversial iranian leader so accusations of corrupt western politics and a subtle tipping of the hot to the occupy wall street movement are we to believe that those who spend hundreds of millions of dollars in election campaigns have the interests of the people of the world at their heart in the united states and in europe their voices are not heard even if they constitute ninety nine percent of their societies meanwhile israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu called for a military alter made on iran over its nuclear program using some surprising methods to illustrate his point this is a bomb this is a fuse
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a red line should be drawn right here. before we iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. necessary to make a bomb israel stole the show in more ways than one would be. what's more the y. e. coyote a nuclear bomb or. you're really going to purge chanda you're going to pretend that you don't know what a nuclear bomb well it's like. to hear israel. run downstairs and look in the basement on another us show russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov recalled another time props were used at the u.n. to garner support for military intervention. when my good friend colin powell's colin powell was shaking this violet's some white ball in there in the
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security council. the new we can see what they're doing us unless we also writes the use of force against iraq we would do in their own thought the fuse three. and the turned out to be that there was no anthrax in the file today russia and the u.s. remain divided over how to end the civil war in syria moscow says some countries supporting the opposition are turning a blind eye to terrorist attacks committed by the rebels and you say pushed syria even deeper into the abyss of bloody internet scene strife the militarization of the conflict is continuing with calls of an open intervention russia says confidence in the un has also been compromised by unilateral actions taken against countries like cuba iran and now syria there are consequences to unilateral sanctions imposed by state group of states sidestepping the un to advance their political goals we have no doubt that such sanctions especially when they are
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applied ex territorially weaken the unity of the international community and undermine the effectiveness of its efforts the un was originally founded as an arena for all parties to respectfully discuss issues and diplomatically collaborate on solutions as the sixty seventh year of the general assembly begins many are left wondering why at least one country has cemented a pattern of acting alone. r.t. new york killed in a sunday also managed to address world leaders in new york and despite still being holed up in their good us embassy in london where we could be said of the has spent the last three months at the diplomatic mission britain maintains a latin american country must hand over the door to his so he can be extradited to sweden. has more. clayton having been. in there the way to.
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find stuff like that the u.n. . the u.s. administration is in trying to erect. a national regime of secrecy a national regime. a regime where you need a government employee reviewing sensitive information to a media organization can be sentenced to death life imprisonment or it's been hours now he spoke not only about his own battle but about the wider implications that this could if the u.s. . along this cools the songs the founder of wiki leaks wanted in sweden for questioning the search for the saw allegations that some of the sons of critics. and his legal team claiming asylum from ecuador very tempting in some way to evade justice not to listen to music that he would give her a bit about the fact that they want the questioning to go ahead they're ready to
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face up to that they do say they want to hear what they. know recently the like documents that the u.s. will deal with the fact that the son wiki leaks the name. is even there any solutions which the two people he was with could end up committing. well now that. we keep that would like to take. the pulse a copy of an iraq war loads of detail. that the u.s. got involved palace rather he didn't know about. turkey's prime minister and on has been reelected as the leader of the country's ruling party at a major political conference speaking at the gathering at one once again slammed the assad regime in neighboring syria dr hussein buxom of the middle east technical
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university says however that muster rhetoric will not help him score political points. the turkish government has miscalculated the events in syria they have expected that the arab spring would be having the same situation like in d.v.r. like intern asia or in egypt or all this. believe but in case of syria turkey has been indeed in the last five years particularly very very close to syria. down became good fellows if you want and suddenly this change of turkey has done here the policy what the united states of america and european union suggested and this is why they took these people do not support the policy of the government. georgia has seen some of its biggest opposition rallies today with over one hundred thousand people turning up for pre-election demos in the capital and in the
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country's second largest city on saturday and less than an hour the polling stations in georgia will open market the beginning of parliamentary elections in the country the antigovernment where it has been fueled by the recent prison torture scandal which sparked mass protests and international condemnation georgian authorities are also accused of high level corruption and cracking down on activists who speak out against the government the opposition claims tbilisi of using dirty tricks to retain its image and the skin off of course there are claims that somewhere at the expense of georgia's northern neighbor. the outcome of a recent alleged police operation near georgia's border with russia's republic of dagestan eleven suspected terrorist dead the b.b.c. says the armed men were chechens who crossed into georgian territory and kidnapped around ten locals before being caught by police the news spreads quickly but not
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everyone's buying it you know this was all organized by georgian security services the lack of transparency and details about the incident has led many to believe the whole so-called terror operation was a complete hoax georgian authorities have been very successful in creating an image of a modern western civilised state a beacon of freedom by george w. bush once called it but in this case the opposition to accusations are fighting supporters on the other side of the caucasus meet them if he spent two decades fighting on the side of chechen militants against moscow and efficiently representing them in georgia he also has downs about what really happened and this latest border operation. first of all their weapons were american made second number. them fired off a single shot that's not all the uniforms of the so-called fighters were brand new that was saakashvili is plan he sent his guys across the border into russia and
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then had them shot by the georgian police this was a setup just to frame russia no one will ever be able to prove anything of course. he said he cleans to be easy for dishing with terrorists began in the ninety's when he personally helped chechen separatists why delivering weapons and aid from georgia. the pankisi gorge in georgia is really close to chechnya it takes just ten minutes to fly across the border by helicopter so we helped our warriors from georgian territory from the gorge we delivered weapons money to the injured and then send them all around the world for treatment and all with the help of georgian security services and. we got the weapons from the depositories of the georgian anti terror center our guys came there with cash were able to choose whichever weapons they wanted and bought them. album of says that he is interested in jewish and milton's didn't diminish even after president saakashvili came to power and
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then often were treated as an envoy of democracy. everything is still controlled by the anti-terrorist center or the mujahideen and the gym marks are in its hands they are their people any chechen who lives in georgia and wants to study in an islamic country has to go through the anti-terrorist center they tell you to believe you go to this center meet with some official and they won't let you go until you say yes and to you agree to work for them are them of graeme's that his knowledge almost cost him his life following an assassination attempt he was allowed to return to church with a green light from russian authorities after he asked for forgiveness and now he plans to reveal everything he knows you are just going off are grossly the chechen republic. and they to a soldier in a civilian contractor have been killed in eastern afghanistan and then the parent green on blue attack the incident brings the number of deaths among u.s.
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military personnel in afghanistan to two thousand. from the path of nationalists foreign believes the revival of the taliban is evidence of just how bad the situation is in the country the beginning of the drawdown confirms one very very important thing and i think that should be the biggest story from of honest on today and that is the americans and nato will be leaving of one is done as a mess and all the statements we heard from the u.s. government from nato about leaving afghanistan in a better position are is just a lie and of course the fact that the taliban are resurging again and really emerging is just and evidence and i think the the international community the world public opinion should really ask hard questions and pose these tough questions to nato about the nation building project in of dunston where is it and where did they go wrong and why did the international community and the countries of the region had to pay and invest so much in afghanistan and give so much confidence really to
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get you to the united states to nato to do something good enough gunston which hasn't happened and of course they're leaving afghanistan as a burden on the stability of the region and as a burden on the countries of the region. relations between china and japan are worsened this week as a dispute over a chain of islands in the east china sea escalates a number of protests were held in both countries throughout the week taiwan has also claim of the islands which and they are on two hundred kilometers off its coast if you bellow go is believed to contain large reserves of natural gas south korea's president one that ages security is becoming increasingly unstable judge of the territorial dispute investigative journalist james carville says some world powers are interested in stoking up the conflict. a stance of believe this is about the potential boiling gas reserves that have been estimated to be in that area but i think we have to understand this entire dispute not in terms of the islands
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themselves this is being played up as a as a nationalist sentiment nationalist fervor it has the potential to to get bigger it will see if it does melt into the region we see the u.s. starting its asia pacific pivot so i think it actually has an interest in increasing tensions between japan and china because that makes japan ever more eager to accept it and the american military presence which up until now there's been quite strong protest against but now we see them renewing military and joint military exercises in guam etc so so it is increasing the japanese reliance on the american security blanket as it as it were and i think that that plays into american interests some of the stories making today's world news this hour one in iraq a series of coordinated attacks targeting shia communities has left at least thirty thousand people dead in the run seventy injured the bombings took place throughout the country with the deadliest assault in taji eleven people died in two back to back car blasts so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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and hang grenada was thrown into a church full of children attending sunday school in the robie the blast left to dead and several. others injured police suspect al-shabaab sympathizers is so malise lemmas group were behind these salt kenya has deployed troops to take on the al qaeda linked group in southern somalia with impose strict sharia law. two gunmen have been killed and a does three injured by security forces after a bombing attack on a boarding school in nigeria witnesses say the attackers ordered children to leave the building before the explosion according to the rescue workers a several unexploded bombs were found in the vicinity authorities believe these levels group boko haram is behind the attack. tens of thousands of tubes in the streets of venezuela's capital in support of opposition leader and the gay couple
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gallons a week ahead of the presidential elections the rally got underway as authorities investigated to the deaths of two opposition activists on saturday a realistic uses the government of operating in dream all violence meanwhile president chavez a stage a zone read me in the heavens in the west country. and i've next speak to the vel and his debate show cross talk don't go away. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporation throughout the day
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